Friday, December 2, 2016

Masons And Mafia In The Vatican?

A few days ago I wrote of the none-too-veiled threats emanating from the Dean of the Roman Rota, Archbishop Pio Vito Pinto.  Some of my blogging colleagues nicknamed him "Don Vito", owing to his mafia-esque demeanor in issuing his threats.  Well, it turns out they aren't that far off the mark.  One Peter Five reveals that while Don Vito may not be a mafioso, he is a mason.  Membership in secret societies such as the freemasons is forbidden to Catholics.

I urge all to read that last link carefully, along with the other embedded links.  The one entitled Paul VI Beatified? is an eye-opener.  It's a pdf, therefore downloadable.  I'd suggest you do so.

I must admit that when I first read Pinto's threats, my thoughts went immediately to another Don Vito and to the music below.  Whether or not the mafia has invaded the Church remains a possibility; the invasion of the masons is a fact.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Islamic Terrorism - Courtesy Of Catholic Charities

Two years ago it was revealed that various Catholic Charities offices in Texas were receiving millions in federal grants to facilitate massive immigration, some of it illegal.  One of those outlets was the one in Dallas.

On Monday, a Somalian immigrant plowed his car into a crowd at Ohio State University, then began stabbing bystanders.  He was shot by a police officer.  ISIS is taking "credit" for the act.  But perhaps ISIS shouldn't hog all the dubious "glory".  Some of that "glory" belongs to Catholic Charities of Dallas.

From Breitbart News we read that the terrorist and his family entered the US through Texas and were resettled by Catholic Charities in June 2014.  This is yet another illustration why nations who seek reasonable security at their borders are not to be demonized by progressives in the Church.  Well, let me rephrase that for they obviously are going to run their mouths about that.  This is why we must oppose them and rebuke them for they play the "useful idiots" for those who seek to destroy civilization.

From The Niggers Of The New Age Department - Persecution By Dissident Bishops

It's one thing for faithful Christians to be maltreated by secular society for holding fast to the moral teachings of Jesus Christ.  It's quite another for faithful Catholics and priests to be knifed in the back because they are living and speaking in accord with the Faith.  Thanks to Amoralis Lamentia, rogue bishops are doing precisely that with increasing frequency.

I wrote recently of San Diego Bishop McElroy ordering his priests to sin by offering Holy Communion to flagrant adulterers.  Now it appears that indeed one of his priests is in his crosshairs.  Father Richard Perozich of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church wrote some columns in his parish bulletin of matters of Catholic morality.  His columns were faithful to Church Tradition and contradicted some pet causes of the progressive elements in the hierarchy - including McElroy.  The latter forbade anymore such columns in the parish bulletin.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean in Scotland, Father Matthew Despard has been ordered to leave his parish.  Some time ago, he wrote a book called "Priesthood In Crisis".  It revealed the workings of the gay influence among Catholic clergy.  First he was removed from ministry because he "injured reputations".  For his telling of truth, he is being punished.

Of course the four cardinals who wrote the dubia are taking flack from some of their errant brothers.  Cardinal Claudio Hummes of Brazil recently rebuked them.  His line of reasoning is that "we are 200, they are only 4". Leaving aside for the moment that other bishops are speaking out, we ask precisely what his statement proves.  Since when is truth defined by consensus or majority?  Is Hummes so ignorant of Church history that he fails to consider other faithful prelates who stood alone, such as Athanasius or John Fisher?

In the Netherlands and Belgium, some dissident bishops have adopted another tactic.  They have changed the words of the Lord's Prayer - the Our Father as it is prayed at Mass.  Remember - this was a prayer dictated to the disciples by Our Lord Himself.  These false shepards have the audacity to edit what Jesus clearly said.  They know better than Our Lord?  The words are changed so that they trivialize the truths regarding sin and tempation.  When coupled with the suggestions in Amoralis Lamentia that those in mortal sin be allowed to receive Holy Communion, we can see how faith is being weakened, along with a proper regard for the Sacraments.

We'll see more of these incidents in the next coming days.  I will post as I'm able to shed the light on cockroaches and to hopefully awaken others to the need to pray and speak out.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Glaring Evidence Shows The Need For The Dubia

If there are lingering doubts as to the necessity for clarification of the mess known as Amoris Laetitia (or as I call it, Amoralis Lamentia), let these facts show why the dubia must be taken seriously.

Today it was announced that Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego has ordered his priests to give Holy Communion to adulterous Catholics.  In other words, he is ordering his priests to commit mortal sins of sacrilege in offering Holy Communion to unrepentant adulterers AND to contribute to the mortal sin of sacrilege on the part of those who desperately need the medicine of repentance.  Of course no faithful priest can do that.  Such is the way that Amoralis Lamentia is emboldening those who care not one whit for the Sacraments of Matrimony, Eucharist and Penance.  Recall that one of the dubia questions deals with this very topic.  We pray for these priests as they are being put into a horrible position, that they have the courage to withstand the evil even as it emanates from their own bishop.  We pray even more who will acquiesce to this sinful suggestion with glee.

This same bishop also ordered his priests to welcome "LGBT families".  That phrase in quotes is an oxymoron.  Two same-sex adults in a perverted relationship can never constitute a true family.  No real "family" can exist in a situation based on mortal sin.  Again, McElroy is commanding his priests to validate sinful situations - something that no priest can ever do.

We see similar affirmation of mortal sin in the Archdiocese of New York.  Joseph Sciambra has details of a "retreat" being offered to those embroiled in perversion at St. Francis of Assisi parish.  Apparently that parish is quite a cesspool in that regard.  And let's not ever forget what happened in my own parish over four years ago when Father Marcel Guarnizo withheld Holy Communion from a flaming lesbian and was punished by Cardinal Wuerl for being a faithful priest.

So now one can see the confusion that Amoralis Lamentia is causing.  I believe this confusion is being intentionally created.  The progressives in the Vatican do not want to overtly state their intentions to junk the Traditions of Jesus Christ so they wish to do so by subterfuge. This is why so many of them hate the dubia-letter posted by the four cardinals; it is forcing the progressives to be up front about their goals, and they understandably find themselves threatened.

We saw the utter defensiveness of some a few days ago.  Today we saw a reaction from the Vatican that can only be called "lashing out in fear and guilt".  The Dean of the Roman Rota, Archbishop Pio Vito Pinto, actually threatened the four cardinals by saying that they could have their cardinalates stripped from them - for daring to ask for clarification.  Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture also took note of the fear and guilt that seems to be all over Pinto.  Cardinal George Pell came to the defense of the four cardinals, wondering how anyone could actually disagree with a question.  He's right; by definition, a question is not a statement of fact or opinion so there's nothing in it with which one can disagree.  Will we soon hear that Pinto is drawing aim at Pell's cardinalate?

We must continue to pray.  Pray that the pope indeed does clarify AL to be in conformity with the timeless teachings of the Church.  But if he won't let us pray that the festering boil of heresy will come to a head so that it can be lanced and healed quickly.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Pope Francis Rigidly Promotes His Progressive Priorities

I thank Vox Cantoris for pointing out the pope's mindset that underlies his rhetoric and actions in two areas.  Let's look at priestly formation, for starters.  Rorate Caeli analyzed a talk that the Pope gave to a group of Jesuits a few months back.  In it he lamented "rigidity" in the priestly formation in traditional circles.  Notice how he slyly insinuates that when a young man is "too confident, rigid and fundamentalist", then he might be "mentally ill".  Of seminary teaching he laments "educating in light of overly clear and distinct ideas".  Then he talks about the "dynamics of personal discernment, which respects the law  but knows how to go beyond."

There's much to unpack here.  First, let's look at the phrase "overly clear".  Most sane people would agree that clarity is a good to be desired.  Clarity is tied to truth.  How is it possible to be "overly clear" or "overly truthful"?  If one lessens the truth or clarity, then one is engaging in dishonesty and obfuscation, right?

Now let's address that second quip about the "rigidity" indicating "mental illness".  This is nothing short of slander directed at young men, aspiring to the priesthood, who exert much effort to follow God's immutable commands.  And yes, God's commands are quite clear.  For instance, "thou shalt not commit adultery" does not admit of any exception.  Does the pope find that "overly clear"?  Well, perhaps he needs to take that up with the Author of that "rigid"command.

This dovetails right into that last quote: "respect the law but know how to go beyond".  If one is going beyond what God's law says is permissible, he/she should drop any pretense of "respecting the law".  "Respect" is just a mental game played by those who would justify thumbing their noses at God's law, and ultimately God Himself.

So, as far as Pope Francis is concerned, is everything up for "discernment" and "accompaning on the journey"?  Is everything to be considered free of "rigidity"?  Surprisingly, NO!  There are some matters, according to this pontiff, that are to be considered set in stone, that admit of no divergence of opinion whatsoever.  These are matters that are indicative of his real loves and mindsets.

Today he addressed the Pontifical Academy of Sciences regarding "climate change".  He said it's "indispensible to create a regulatory system that includes inviolable limits and ensure the protection of ecosystems" blah-blah-blah.  "Indispensible"!  "Inviolable"!   Hmmm!  Sounds like rather "rigid" language to me!  Where does "knowing how to go beyond" fit in with this paradigm?  So the Teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed through His Church is subject to "gray areas" but "climate change" junk sciene is sacrosanct?

Let's look at this "regulatory system".  Who will be controlling this "regulatory system"?  The pope never got around to divulging that teensy detail, but one can imagine that the UN (Useless Nincompoops) would have their hand in that, along with George Soros and other assorted oligarchs.  Over the years I've done many posts on the menace of environmentalism.  As you read the posts, you'll notice that one underlying motive to this movement is the deconstruction of western civilization and its Christian roots.  In particular, pay close attention to this post, noticing the three motives that seem to be underlying this junk science (and watch the video).

Unless we believe that the pope is a total idiot, we must concede that he is in cahoots with the progressives and their agendas.  Owing to his position as Vicar of Christ, he is poised to spread the poison of progressivism.   Many Catholics at one time were naive in their disbelief of this problem.  While some continue their pollyanna-esque blindness, an increasing number are admitting that the ever-mounting pile of evidence is shattering their illusions.  Some of these, though, are now trying to ignore the problem, pretending that it has no relevance to their lives.  This blog joins with the Remnant in stating that we cannot be indifferent and silent with respect to the harm being caused by this papacy, for souls are at stake.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Who Stays and Who Goes

Amoralis Lamentia has given us a view into the pope's mindset regarding the Deposit of Faith that he's tasked to defend.  That defense is not happening; we see quite the opposite occurring.  But if AL isn't enough, let's remember the maxim "personnel is policy".  It certainly applies in this case as one watches the personnel shifts in various Vatican organizations.  See who stays and who goes.  Particularly look at the conduct of those retaining their posts and those obtaining new posts.

The pope appointed a new apostolic nuncio to Mexico.  He is Archbishop Franco Coppola.  Mexico has been dealing with the topic of gay #mowwidge as has the United States.  The faithful Catholics there have been conducting marches to rally support for traditional marriage.  Coppola scolded their efforts, telling them not to march but to "dialog" with the supporters of evil.  In a sane world, a real bishop would have been encouraging faithful Catholics to step up their efforts and would have rebuked those shilling for perversion.  As you read the LifeSiteNews piece, it's clear that Coppola's sympathies are with the promoters of sodomy.

Getting back to Amoralis Lamentia, the pope last month praised a dissident theologian whose heresies provided some foundation for AL.  This happened during a Jesuit conference last month, and the theologian is Bernard Haring.  Apparently it was Haring who devised the aberrant definition of "discernment" that seems to be a favorite buzz word among the progressive elements.  This "discernment", according to Haring, "allows" for contraceptive use.  He carried on so much that Pope John Paul II forbade him to teach at any Catholic school and stripped him of his "Catholic theologian" title.  So now this pope is praising a dissident for the very behaviors that caused his sainted predessor to discipline him?

Meanwhile, the purge of the faithful prelates in Vatican organizations marches on.  From the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, several faithful prelates were ejected.  These include U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, Austrilian Cardinal George Pell, and Canadian Cardinal Marc Oullet.  The latter still retains his headship of the Congregation of Bishops - for now.

Now let's look at the Pontifical Academy for Life.  Who got canned from that body?  All of them!  According to One Peter Five, the pope rewrote the statutes of that organization that effectively removed the entire membership.  Moreover, these new statutes state that members may be selected without regard to religious affiliation, and that the new members will not have to take the Jerome Lejeune Oath, an oath requiring members to defend the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.  Why was that oath excised?

There's an important "side note" in that One Peter Five link.  According to inside sources, many in the Vatican were supporting Hillary Clinton's bid for the US presidency.  If that's so, they were supporting sin.  To the extent that foreigners can interfere with our elections, I don't know.  If their support was more than trivial, can it be said that they sinned mortally?  Can it be said that this sin goes all the way to the top?

I suspect there will be more personnel shake-ups to admit more poison into Church structures.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Amoris Laetitia And Dubia - Separating Wheat From Chaff

Slowly but surely the Dubia that the four cardinals submitted to Pope Francis is bringing a lot of dissent and heresy to light.  The head of the Greek Bishops' Conference (I won't even attempt that name) wrote to the four cardinals and flat out accused them of heresy.  One Peter Five has the text of the letter, and it is a beeyute!  He opens the letter by stating that the four cardinals should turn in their red caps (I don't know the proper term) and then accuses them of heresy, apostacy and scandal.  One wonders if he actually read the dubia, for all it does is ask the pope to clarify some passages in Amoris Laetitia that seem to contradict the tradition of the Church.  Or maybe he did read them and is simply trying to frighten others into not considering their input.

Cardinal Cupich seems to be mouthing similar things - almost as if they were all given "talking points".  I have written about the sword-crossing between him and Archbishop Chaput when the latter reaffirmed Church teaching in his own diocese.  In an interview, he told Edward Pentin that those who have "doubts and questions" regarding Amoralis Lamentia need "conversion in their lives".  I and others have written extensively about Cupich's dissidence many times.  Please read that list for yourselves for I haven't time nor space to detail just why Cupich may be the one needed conversion.

One wonders if that head of the Greek Bishops' Conference might have such strong words for his German counterpart.  Archbishop Robert Zollitsch openly declared his belief that "Christ did not die for the sins of the people as if God had provided a sacrificial offering, like a scapegoat."  He believes that Jesus only offered "solidarity with the poor."  Now that is heresy.  Will the Greek head say anything about that?  Will the Pope have a rebuke for this heresy-spouting bishop?  I think we'll hear crickets and Zollitsch will retain his post.

However, it does seem that the four cardinals are not standing alone.  Polish Bishop Josef Wrobel says "the four cardinals did well in asking for clarification about Amoris Laetitia".  He added that AL "is not written well".  He offered that as a potential excuse reason for its lack of clarity.

Two American bishops share the same last name: Tobin.  That's about all they share.  Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island opined last July that AL was "marked by ambiguity and that's intentional on the Holy Father's part, I people can do just about whatever they want."  This bishop has consistently stood for the truth.  On the other hand we have Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis.  In the previous link I detailed some issues we've had with him.  He called the four cardinals "troublesome".  Well, it might actually be a good thing to be regarded as "troublesome" to a progressive.  We know now why Joseph Tobin received his red hat!

Bishop Athanasius Schneider published a letter in which he defended the dubia and the four cardinals as a "prophetic voice."  In his letter, Schneider takes aim at the progressive syncophants who lobbed ad hominem attacks at the four cardinals without offering any real clarity, comparing the current situation to that of St Hilary of Poitiers and Pope Liberius.  The letter is worth careful study.

Then there is Bishop Jan Watroba, also of Poland.  He remarked on the ambiguity of AL, saying that he "preferred the clarity of Pope St. John Paul II".  I pray that these three bishops retain their posts and aren't sent to "diocesan siberia", if you get the drift.  I also pray that many more bishops join them to stand for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

LifeSiteNews is conducting a petition effort to ask the Holy Father to respond to the dubia.  Please sign and pass along.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Carhart Quits Maryland!

Another reason to be thankful on this Thanksgiving Day.  Who knows why he's leaving Maryland?  Maybe it's the suit about which I wrote yesterday; maybe it's just the straw that broke the camel's back.  Let's pray that he repents before he has to stand before God's judgment throne.

Abortions will still continue up to 19 weeks at Germantown Reproductive Heath Services, and they will continue throughout the state.  Let us continue to pray that all abortions cease.

Read Operation Rescue's report.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Carhart And Germantown Reproductive Health Services Sued For Botched Abortion

On January 19 I reported on yet another botched abortion that necessitated a woman being taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Operation Rescue reports that the woman has filed suit against both Carhart and Germantown Reproductive Health Services for the malpractice that left her disabled and probably unable to bear another child.  The OR report links to the court documents that list both Carhart and the abortuary as co-defendants.

Since Ms. Devine was injured at Carhart's hands, at least four other women suffered as well - three in Germantown.  That of course does not count the hundreds of babies who were torn to pieces at the hands of Carhart and his barbaric staff.  We pray that this suit brings this killing center to a screeching halt.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Catholic Standard Shills For False Unity At Truth's Expense

On page 3 of the Nov 12 issue of the Catholic Standard and here on the online version appears an article entitled "Catholics' Post-Election To-Do List Includes Work For Unity, Healing".  Right there in the title you can foresee the problems in the article.  Instead of focusing on "unity and healing", the focus needs to be on proper catechesis so that Catholics understand Our Lord's teachings on life, sexuality, marriage, family, and the prominence that faith should have in our personal and civic lives.  Without that understanding, any pretense at unity will be that - a mere sham.

However, as we peruse this article, we see no emphasis on truth.  That lack of emphasis is seen in the selection of people quoted in this article.
  • Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Indianapolis (not to be confused with Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island) turned a deaf ear to us when we pleaded with him to intervene in the plans of a local KofC council to rent their hall to lesbians to hold their "wedding reception".  Is that what he means by "building bridges" as he said in an interview?  In that same interview he approved of the ambiguity of Amoralis Lamentia and poo-pooed the efforts of the four cardinals who published the dubia.
  • The National Catholic Reporter is so faithless to true Catholicism that its two bishops have directed the pubication to remove the word "Catholic" from their title.  Of course those directives are disobeyed.
  • Sister Simone Campbell along with her Network bunch, are pro-abortion.  She and NETWORK sided with the Obama administration against the USCCB to support Obamacare's HHS mandate.  When asked whether or not she thought abortion should be illegal, she took a line out of Obama's script and replied "that's beyond my pay grade.  I don't know".  So we're supposed to believe that a leader in "Catholic social justice" doesn't know if baby-murder should be illegal?  In another interview after the DNC convention (during which she publicly praised the NARAL president) she stated "I don't think it's a good policy to outlaw abortion" then went on to slander pro-life people.
  • Father James Martin makes no secret of his sympathy for "gay rights".  He was honored by the dissident group New Ways Ministry for his advoacy of the sodomite lifestyle.
Why does Carol Zimmerman (author of the Catholic Standard piece) call these people "Catholic leaders"?

Let's talk about some of these "divisions".  The only way that there could be "divisions", at least in the general election, is if Catholics voted for Hillary Clinton.  A goodly number of faithful priests have outlined why voting for Hillary, who made no secret of her devotion to baby-murder and institutionalized sodomy, would have been a sinful act.  Those who voted for her, knowing of her stances, sinned.  I've posted many times on this blog why it was sinful to withhold votes for Trump.  On those posts are links to homilies/writings of others making the same case.  Still, some have not only withheld their votes from Trump; they magnified their sin in casting votes for Clinton.

Now the Catholic Standard is issuing a "kiss-and-make-up" call, all the while quoting from dissidents who most likely sinned with their votes.  No true reconciliation can happen unless those who voted for Clinton (particularly those who were arrogantly blatant about it) announce public repentance for that sin.  We must face the fact that those who cast such votes betrayed the unborn children as well as faithful Catholics.  If there is not that public repentance, we've no assurance that they won't repeat that sin, should they deem it suitable for them to do so.

I for one refuse to play that silly, deceptive make-believe game of false reconciliation.  It will be asked if I hope to work with those Clinton voters in the future.  I will reply, "unless they repent, NO!"  Now the question is, "do those who sinned with their votes wish to work with us in the future?"  If so, the must repent.  Either way, it's up to them.